Our Story

Eco friendly parenting: Where our story began

In 2015 we got the opportunity to take our two daughters away for a year, then aged 5 and 2, to where my husband grew up in Colombia.

As part of our time there we spent a few days on an island just off the Pacific Coast. On the hunt for a famously secluded beach, we were walking through the tropical jungle, plotting our way through these incredible trees and feeling very, very lucky to be able to share this small corner of the world with our girls. As the clearing ahead opened up we caught sight of little hermit crabs scuttling around, the waves crashing onto the sand and the coconut palms swaying overhead. There’s not another word for it – it was breathtaking.

the beach on a cloudy day in Colombia
showing rubbish and litter around the Columbian beach

But as we walked down onto the sand we were confronted with piles of rubbish, especially plastic bottles, spread along the sand. In an attempt to keep their beach clear, locals had made piles of plastic bottles – but there wasn’t anything anyone could do about the sheer volume of it all, the plastic was everywhere. On an aesthetic level it was spoiling the true beauty of what was in front of us, but more than that, it felt devastating.

It was then that I questioned what kind of an impact we were, and are still having, on our planet, our oceans, our marine life. Where was all of this rubbish coming from?

At that point, I didn’t feel that I could do anything to make a real difference. I was always someone who thought about how nice it would be to instigate change, but didn’t really believe it was possible that one person could do anything about it. So, on we continued with our travels and life!