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Our Story

Our commitment to reducing plastic waste began after a trip to Colombia in 2015. We’d taken our two daughters, then aged 5 and 2, to visit where my husband grew up. We were hunting for a famously secluded beach, walking through the tropical jungle, plotting our way through the trees and feeling lucky to be able to share this experience with our girls. As the clearing opened up ahead we caught sight of crabs scuttling around, waves crashing onto the sand and coconut palms swaying overhead. It was breathtaking. But as we walked through the tropical jungle down towards the sand, we were confronted with piles of rubbish spread along the sand – plastic was everywhere.

Our Goal

Holevida is an online eco-parenting shop which focuses on environmental sustainability. Our mission is to help people create life-changing habits one day at a time. We believe that as parents if we instil good habits in our children from the start, then we can change the poor outcomes that environmental scientist are predicting for our planet in the future. We encourage you to reduce plastic, single-use and disposable items in your home and provide you with eco-friendly and reusable alternatives. It can feel like an enormous task, one for the ‘too hard basket,’ but every small change will eventually become ‘the norm’. Let’s keep our planet beautiful, for the benefit of our children and future generations.

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